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Scott Collard, founder of Scott Collard Home Improvements, Inc., has been remodeling homes and commercial property in the Austin area since 1985, and believes that a successful remodeling project is achieved by measuring service according to four standards: Quality, Timeliness, Cost Effectiveness and Attention to Detail.

He orchestrates the remodeling process personally making each design become reality. This individual approach with clients has rewarded him with both loyalty and longevity.

To ensure the best possible experience for my customers, I personally work with them throughout the project. I provide each one with a schedule at the beginning of the job and meet with them at various stages to review the progress. This gives customers the opportunity to fully assess each aspect of the job, and ensures their satisfaction throughout the process. -Scott


The employees and workers are the main factor in resulting quality of a completed remodeling project. After being in business so many years, you learn who you can work with as a cohesive team. And, Scott is great at matching people to the job. He has a hand-selected team of 9 craftsmen and specialists plus subcontractors with long-standing relationships that have proven their skill and ability to complement his team. All of them are respectful and courteous. We maintain an honest and ethical work environment and try to minimize any disruption of your home life during the building process.

Another aspect of quality control is knowing just where to get your supplies. A higher level of quality can be assured simply from the selection of good materials, which pays off down the road. Everything that we utilize is high quality or heavy duty from the copper wiring in your walls to the tiles on your roof. -Scott


Once we begin, we are there until the project is done—unlike most other contractors. When we have more than one project underway, we allocate our personnel according to the pre-determined plans so that work on every project is ongoing. On occasion, we will have a day or so of downtime due to material that did not arrive as scheduled, but that is the exception.

Since we have employees and only a few subcontractors, we have better control of the rate your job progresses. Our team has more of a family relationship feel than most companies experience. We consistently hear what great guys we have. Some of my employees have been with me 7 years—which is almost unheard of these days. A big keystone to my success is that my employees are paid and treated well. I recognize them for the good work they do and pay bonuses to acknowledge their effort. -Scott

Cost Effectiveness

We build all our own cabinets in our millwork shop, which helps us to give you a beautiful product at less cost. It also provides us with more control over scheduling, thus reducing costs even further. And, to really tighten up that schedule and give you a lower project budget, we work as a team. Our superintendents actually physically work on the job and do not just stand around. Plus, all of our team members are more than willing to lend a hand to keep your project moving–even if it means they are doing something outside their scope of duties. Finally, since all of our suppliers are paid on time, they give us their best quality merchandise delivered as scheduled, and with very good pricing. All of this is to your ultimate benefit.

Attention to Detail

Scott oversees every phase of the remodeling project, paying close attention to each detail. He works closely with his crew on a one-to-one basis every day.

If you aren’t attentive to the details, the customer will be. I consider it a full time job—staying on the details. It also involves excellent communication: between me and my customer, and between me and my employees and subs. I always return calls or emails promptly. And, finally, I make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. – Scott

We can read and properly implement architectural plans—making them appear magically before your eyes exactly the way the architect designed it. And, we stand behind our work.

Scott’s personal crew has many years of experience and it shows in their attention to detail. The painting is top notch. Our framer is a third generation carpenter. He learned the old school way from his father and grandfather, so it gets done right. Our plumbing and electrical is done by a tradesman who does high-quality excellent work. Our cabinetmaker and furniture maker in our own millwork shop puts more nails and screws into his works of art than anyone. Everything is beautifully finished, square and level. Customers who have enjoyed his work in their homes often request him for subsequent jobs without exception.

All of my guys take special care while working in your home. The cat is not let out accidentally and your pictures are carefully removed and stored. We lay down dropcloths to protect your floors, clean our feet and vacuum to remove any traces of our visit to your home. -Scott

Scott Collard Home Improvements, Inc., is fully licensed and insured.